The company TAK”S Front Meblowy Sp. z o.o. – is a producer of first-class furniture fronts. The company has been on the market for already 15 years. The main office is located in Wieliczka, near Cracow. At first, the company produced only foil finish fronts, which were customized in different ways, to give each front a unique appearance.

The new owners took over the company in 2011. They invested in the latest equipment and professionals, in order to extend the company’s standard offer.

The company now produces veneered, wooden, patinated, bent, lacquered and glass fronts. They are made from the highest quality materials and they undergo various refining processes depending on their type.

The company also added to their standard offer handles, worktops made of Corian ® and Staron ®, openwork and decorative panels, stained glass and frosted glass. Additionally, a customer has an option to choose the finishing elements like the finishing strips, pilasters or stained glass.

The company’s production and warehouse facilities are equipped with the high-tech machines, like for example: machine tool, grinding machine, vacuum press for veneers, press for bent fronts and dry paint-fog extraction wall.

Thanks to existing on the market for many years, we know who the most reliable supplier is, thus we cooperate with only the best and solid companies such as: Renolit, Lumatech, Kalfoil, Partner Bis, Henker.

We deliver products that are solid, durable, elegant and that meet the requirements of even the most demanding customers.

What distinguish us from the competitors is:

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